Monday, October 4, 2010

One month

I cant realise that.
Only leave ONE MONTH!!!!
SPM is coming.
If you ask me whether I have confident?
What should I answer?
Yes or No?
Half confident that I have
Only few subjects that I think I can get
But mostly,
the more confident subject,the more disppointed subject. :(
I have to study hard from now on.
Good luck to my junior which having PMR tomorrow.
And Chee Hong,good luck to you too. :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Haha.. :)

Haha. :)
I can't remember that I having a blog.
I have long time didnt log in.
And no write the blog.
The last blog is in March.(if I didnt make mistake)
This 6 months,
Many things had happen.
I cant believe it.
How would this happen?
My uncle had leave us.
He went to a place.
The distance between us and him is VERY VERY VERY LONG!!!!!!!!!
He leave us 6 months ago.
Uncle Tony, how are you now?
I am so miss you.
I want to tell you somethings
Your grandchildren is coming out soon.
Please bao you Ashley and her chlid ping ping an an.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bad news

Before Chinese New year,
I received a bad news.
Why had happen this?
My uncle has fall into sick.
He is having a very serious sick.
Everyone of us is very worry about him.
Especially is his family.
My aunty is the most worry about him.
When she knew my uncle is sick,she cried.
Even my aunts,mother and grandmother also cried.
Me too.
Now, Chinese New Year was over.
He had went to Singapore to rawat.
He is getting worst now when he came back from Singapore.
He is getting thinner and thinner.
So, during the holidays
I came to his house to help Ashley take him
Everyone of us is very worrying about care him.
I hope he knows we are worrying about him.
So he will not think negative things.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


《 爱与不爱 》是东于哲的阿哲所唱的
跟着一片海 照进来
从来不对你说明白 害帕你会被伤害
当爱与不爱 依然让人心痛 我们都无话可说
你现在的快乐 不是因为我 我很难过 oh..
当爱与不爱 依然让人心痛
那就松开我的手 不是走带最后
希望你更好过 请你忘了 曾经有过

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Delicious lunch.

Yesterday aftenoon, Ashley, Chee Poh , Shin Yee and me.
Prepared lunch.
We prepared at 3pm something.
We cooked Tomyam fried rice, fried chicken and sosej.
And our favourite PRAWN!!!
Everyone was first time cooked prawn.I think.
The prawn are big.
First time we only cooked a few prawn.
But scared not enough so we cooked again.
Because of the prawn , every food is cold.
Finally can eat.
But Elaine came back.
So we wait for her.
Really can eat out lunch.
It was 5pm something.
This lunch can be our dinner.
We spent so long to cook our lunch.

Friday, November 27, 2009


I went back home to feed the dog.
When I reached my home,
My home is so 'beautiful'.
Because of the dog.
Actually we got tie it.
But the string is to lose,so the dog came out.
And I have to go in.
I dont know how.
I am scared of animal.
Of course the dogs too.
So how?
My parent is not here.
So I call Phooi Mun come here to tie it.
By force,I have to open the door.
It followed me.
That time I was not too scared.
I dont know why.
Phooi Mun was here.
But she dont know how to tie and scared the dog.
Because it will jump to her.
I went home around 11.15.
You guest we spent how many hour to tie the dog.
Is 1 hour.
Everyone was scared it.
Cant find to tie it.
At last,my sister can tie it.
We use many idea to make it.
If dont tie it,my house will be gone.
HAHA.. :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I was at my aunt's house now.
What am I doing now?
Of course update my blog.
Very bored now.
And also.
I have to spend 5 days at here.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The day is here.
Before the day is here.
I already very worry about it.
Now, I lagi worry about it.
My parent and brother go to Thailand tomorrow.
No one at home.
I will go aunt's house.
I am scared.
I scared it will happen again.
I really DONT WANT!!!
I dont think you guys will understand.
You guys never try before.
I had tried twice.
When you back home,you will feel scared.
I will take all the expensive things to my aunt's house.
Dear my dog,
Please help us to take care our house.I will back to feed you.HAHA.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bored enough.

I am very very bored now.
Notthing to do.
Everyday face with computer.
My computer is so HANG and SLOW!!!!
Because of HANG and SLOW, I dont like to play computer now.
Without playing computer, what can I do?
Do housework?
I did.
Feel lagi bored.
But now I am reading Twilight.
The story is nice.
Maybe my English not really good, I feel a bit bored reading the book.
But my friends say it is nice.
So I must finish reading the book.
I know I can understand a bit the story.
I think I dont have go anywhere during the holiday.
My parents and my brother diffrent.
They go Thailand with my relatives.
Leave my sister and me alone in Malaysia. :)
They go for 5 days 4 night.
That time we will stay at 2rd uncle's house.
What can I do over there?
Also will feel bored.
They have to work.
I hope I can play computer.
Me : Boy, let me play computer when you not in the room.
Boy: Okay, no problems.Play until you feel bored.
The conversation not really appear.
Actually only me want to play.
I think he also dont know I will go his house overnight.
When I am in his house,kebetulan is his birthday.
OH NO!!!
Does he still remember?
I hope NO!!
If he still remember, I have to sing ''Happy birthday'' song in different languages.
I didnt learn at all.
Aiyo,he WILL NOT remember it.
HAHA. x)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Why you always read my blog and you have to say out?
Do you know that it is so embrassing?
I think you dont know.
If you know,then why you said out in front that people?
I thought I had wrote one post about it.
You never read that?
Please dont say out.
If someone say out about your blog.
How do you feel?
That day I try to not say out about your blog.
But you.
You like hafal all my blog and say out LOUDLY!!!
Please dont do it again!!
If not I also dont know what to with you.